About Us

Hi! My name is Mark Gebbia and I've built StudyPracticeTeach.com as a pet project. Several years ago I developed an interest in collecting and reading very old religious, spiritual, and philosophical texts. Once my collection grew to a certain size it became difficult to stay organized. I would forget where I read certain things and have trouble choosing what to read next. How do I know which books contain the subjects I was most interested in?

So I started scanning the books and using a searchable PDF database to research and find things in my collection. I thought this a really useful tool for researching subjects across several religious and philosophical schools of thought, and the intention to move this database onto the web for all to use was born. It may yet turn out that I'm the only person who finds this an interesting and useful tool, and that's fine, but the information in these books is so important and often practical that honestly felt like this is the most valuable contribution I can currently make the world, so here I am trying to make this work.

I'll fill this section in with more detail soon, thank you for checking it out and please let me know what you think!