Donate or Support us

Right now the best think you can do if you would to help is use the site and submit feedback about your experience. Let us know what you like, what you don't like, what isn't working very well, and any suggestions that you have for improving the site in any way. Things we're currently interested in are:

  • If you find any particularly interesting or illustrative searches, please share them so we can include them in search examples.
  • Broken features / things that break the site or do not work as intended.
  • Points of confusion where we could better explain or tighten up the experience a bit.
  • Feature requests - if you think something should be added.
  • Book requests - let us know what texts you want given priority (we have hundreds already scanned, but still need to verify OCR)

In the future we may solicit assistance in verifying OCR'd books (we have tons that need to be added to the database), donations for server costs, copyrighting, or other tasks but right now the site is brand-new and until it becomes stable and proves to be useful we do not feel comfortable soliciting more than feedback.

Thank you.