How to Search supports most common search operators. Here are some examples to help you get the most out of your searches. Click the links to see the actual searches.

"AND" search:

ex: absolute truth

This returns book results which contain both words ("absolute" AND "truth"). It will give priority to results in which they occur together as typed ("absolute truth") however it will still return results where they do not appear together. If you want to search for the phrase "absolute truth" instead of the words "absolute" and "truth," perform a phrase search (see the next example)


Phrase search:

ex: "absolute truth"

This search returns only books that contain the phrase "absolute truth." 


Wildcard search:

ex: god*

returns books which contain terms that begin with"god" - this will match "godlike", "godhead", "goddess", etc.


Proximity search:

ex: "sin punishment"~6

Returns books in which the terms "sin" and  "punishment" appear within 6 words of one another.


Negative keywords:

ex: cross -Christ

returns books what contain the word cross but not Christ. Can also be used with phrases ex:  -"holy spirit"


If you really want to get technical, read all about Apache Solr's search operators.